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Auto Maintenance Schedule Reminders

TorkSpec's automatic maintenance schedule reminder (AutoMinder) sends you periodic emails to remind you of your Scheduled Services that are due. Now you can let TorkSpec keep up with those important oil changes and maintenance records.

TorkSpec's AutoMinder let you

  • Track all Maintenance Records for each Auto
  • Control when you get your Scheduled Maintenance reminders
  • Automatically remind yourself of those important Scheduled Services to keep your Auto running longer
Every day at 3:00am Central Time, TorkSpec sends an AutoMinder Email to every member that has asked for an AutoMinder to be sent to them on that particular day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

Setting Up Your Auto Maintenance Reminders
You select which days of the week you want a maintenance reminder sitting in your email under the AutoMinder header in your Setup Garage Page.

If you don't want to use maintenance reminder feature, just click off all 7 daily AutoMinder check boxes.


Garage Home Page AutoMinder Module
Your new Garage Home Page will have an AutoMinder Module. The Garage AutoMinder Module will show the autos that need maintenance attention.

The AutoMinder Moudle matches your AutoMinder email to allow you to quickly navigate to your auto's Scheduled Service Page.

The Ride name are links to the Scheduled Service Page. Each Ride Name Link is color coded depending on the urgency of the Scheduled Service.

Ride Home Page AutoMinder Module
A new Ride Home Page will also have an AutoMinder Moudle. The Ride AutoMinders Module will show which particular Scheduled Services are due for the vehicle.

The AutoMinder Moudle matches your AutoMinder email. Click on the Scheduled Service button on the Ride Bar to navigate to your Ride's Scheduled Service Page.

Ride Scheduled Services Page
The Ride Scheduled Service Page will show which scheduled maintenance job need to be peformed.

The Scheduled Service will have either the time, distance or both fields highlighted in yellow.


TorkSpec's Mechanic Garage feature allows you to keep you AND your favorite mechanic informed of the important preventive maintenance needs for your Rides. TorkSpec Mechanic Garage is for: A Business with a Small Fleet of Vehicles; A Garage who wants to provide Better Customer Service; The Family Mechanic; Anyone who Needs to Keep Track of other people's Rides