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TorkSpec Auto Maintenance Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Mechanic Maintenance WebSite

Online Auto Maintenance Schedule Software

Auto Torque Specs and Projects

Free Auto Parts Ads

Auto Mechanic Maintenance WebSite

What is TorkSpec?

TorkSpec is a place dedicated to meeting the challenges of a Do-It-Yourself Mechanic (a.k.a. - a motorhead). It provides motorheads a place to keep track of their automobiles, get rid of those extra auto parts, and to quickly and easily find information about their car or motorcycle. A place built by motorheads, for motorheads.

Do I need to be a member to take advantage of TorkSpec?

No, not to use the Free Auto Parts Ads and the Automotive Torque Specification Database. To manage your automotive maintenance schedules, you just have to register to become a member. Find out more about the different membership levels by clicking the Registration tab.

Why are there no forums?

TorkSpec is an online auto maintenance schedule software and technical information library. TorkSpec wants to partner with other car and motorcycle enthusiasts websites that already use blogs or forums by providing their website members a tool they can use for vehicle maintenance.

Where can I find cars and motorcycles like mine?

See what others are doing by clicking on the Cool Rides tab. Cool Rides is where members post pages to show off their cars and motorcycles. Unlike the TorkSpec Library, Cool Rides is where a little bragging might take place about horsepower or torque. Hey, what can we say, we're a little proud of our Rides!

Online Auto Maintenance Schedule Software

What is My Garage?

My Garage is the automotive maintenance schedule manager portion of TorkSpec. The online software allows car and motorcycle enthusiasts to keep track of vehicle maintenance records and schedules. Enthusiasts can also keep track of auto parts ads the have listed in Parts Bin - TorkSpec's Online Used Parts Warehouse.

What is a Garage?

The place where TorkSpec members keep track of their parts in Parts Bin and to keep track of their Ride's maintenance records.

How do I get a Garage?

Just simply register and we'll build one for you. You can't beat the price, because it's FREE!

How many autos can I have?

It depends on your TorkSpec membership level.
  • Basic Membership: 2 Vehicles
  • Lite Membership: 5 Vehicles
  • Pro Membership: 10 Vehicles
  • Fleet Membership: 25 Vehicles
Charter members will enjoy a Lite Membership without the annual membership fee. Charter members are TorkSpec members who registered and activated their Garage on or before September 30th, 2008.

How do I show off my Car or Motorcycle?

You can make your vehicle available for public viewing by clicking the Cool Ride check box in your vehicle's profile screen. When you have a Cool Ride, you can choose which photo albums, projects and events you want people to see by pressing the Public radio button. All new photo albums, projects and events are set to private by default.

Why is the Repair Log separate from the Log Book?

If you set a Mechanic Garage for a vehicle, it allows your mechanic to access your Repair Log without looking at any of your other Log Book information.

How does the Tax Analysis Report work?

Actual Business Tax Expense is calculated as follows:

SUM(mileage_log.distance) / MAX(log.odometer) - MIN(log.odometer) * SUM(log.expense where Tax Flag = "Y")
The sum of Mileage log distance divided by the total annual distance multipled by the sum off all Tax Flagged Log records expenses.

Standard Tax Expense is calculated as follows:

SUM(mileage_log.distance) * standard_mileage_rate
The sum of Mileage log distance multiplied by the Standard Mileage Rate

What is a Mechanic's Garage?

A Mechanic's Garage is a special TorkSpec Garage used by professional garages to provide additional services to their customer's who are also members of TorkSpec. Who best to update your vehicle maintenance records then your favorite mechanic?

Mechanic's Garages allow professional mechanics to work closer with their customers to automate preventive maintenance and to document repairs.

How do I choose Mechanic's Garage?

Each auto has a Ride Profile screen that you use to set the Mechanic's Garage as well as other vehicle specific information. Be sure to fill in the A.K.A. text box to make it easier for your mechanic to update your auto maintenance records.

How do I get a Mechanic's Garage to better serve my customers?

First, you need to register to get a Garage at TorkSpec. You will find the Mechanic's Garage checkbox in the Garage Profile screen. Read TorkSpec's Terms and Conditions and check the Mechanic's Garage checkbox.

Just add a Mechanic's Customer module to your Garage home page and let your customers know you have a Mechanic's Garage at TorkSpec.

Your customers can now find your Garage in TorkSpec Mechanic's Garage list in their Ride Profile screen.

When a customer selects your Mechanic's Garage, you will be notified of all scheduled jobs in your customer's Maintenance Schedule through the Mechanic's Customer module on your Garage home page.

Now you're ready to bring customer service to a new level.

Does TorkSpec convert units?

No. The units in the Garage Profile are only for report and screen presentations. If you change from 'Miles' to 'Km', it will not change any values in your records. You will see your screens and reports change to reflect 'Km' where it is appropriate.

Automotive Torque Specs and Projects

What is I Tork It?

'I Tork It' is TorkSpec's automotive technical library. The library has three sections. The Automotive Torque Specifications library, Members Projects, and the Automotive Club Directory.

How do I find a Torque Specs?

You can search for torque specs by motor (or engine), car or motorcycle model, or by specific auto part. You can learn more on how to find torque specs by watching the video on TorkSpec's Home Page.

What is the Auto Club Directory?

The Auto Club Directory is a place to help enthusiast find local support for their Rides. Many Clubs have websites that let car and motorcycle enthusiasts know about local activities or provide additional technical information. We'd like to help enthusiasts find these local websites.

How do I get my Club in the Club Directory?

Club representatives can add a Club Directory module to their Garage home page. The Club Directory module allows you to define all the contact information you would like to provide to help others find your website.

You can learn more about the Club Directory module and other modules TorkSpec provides to help you take care of your automotive maintenance needs by clicking on the Module Library link on the left.

Free Auto Parts Ads

What is Parts Bin?

TorkSpec's Parts Bin is the Free Used Parts Ad website. A place for you to bring those extra auto parts and let them collect "virtual" dust because the parts never leave until they are sold.

Unlike other classified ads or auctions, Parts Bin has no time limit. The parts stays in a "virtual" used parts warehouse. It's Quick it's Easy and it's FREE.

How does Parts Bin Work?

The Parts Bin Virtual Used Part Warehouse has Sections with shelves that have Bins. Inside the Bins are used parts with Part Tags wired to them. The Part Tag gives detailed information about the part to help potential buyers find the part.

What is a Section?

Sections describe the major categories of auto parts. The Section names are the systems that make up your car or motorcycle, like Brakes and Engine Mechanical.

What is a Bin?

Bins describe the type of auto part, like Brake Caliper or Water Pump. This is the complete list of the Bin names that describe auto parts.

What is a Part Tag?

Auto Part Tags are assigned and emailed to you by TorkSpec so you can edit your auto parts description in the TorkSpec Virtual Used Auto Parts Warehouse.

How long can an auto part stay in Parts Bin?

As long as you want it to. And TorkSpec members can manage their auto parts they have listed in Parts Bin in their Parts Bin Garage Module.

Can others see my email?

Only if you want them to. TorkSpec keeps all communication confidential. You can send your email address if you want to communicate directly with each other by checking the Send Email box.

Where can I find auto parts for my Ride?

Just Dig through the Bins. Click on Parts Bin tab on the TorkSpec header and then click on the Auto Part Search link to get started.