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Porsche 911/930 Front Bearing Replacement
Step 1 - Jack Up Car
Securely jack up the car.
Car on Lift
Step 2 - Remove Wheel
Remove the wheel from the hub.
Remove Wheel
Step 3 - Remove Bearing Dust Cap
Remove the bearing dust cap using a slide hammer, a puller, and a cap bolt.
Slide Hammer Setup
Dust Cap
Puller on Dust Cap
Pull off Dust Cap
Step 4 - Separate and Hang Brake Caliper
Separate the brake caliper from the strut assembly and hang using big zip ties or a piece of cord.

BE CAREFUL not to strain the brake line.
Caliper Assembly
Open Pad Clip
Remove Pads
Remove Caliper Bolts
Hang Caliper
Calilper Hung
Step 5 - Remove Hub Nut
Using a 6mm Hex shaft, loosen the cap nut that secures the hub nut and remove the hub nut.
Hub Nut & Tools
Remove Hub Nut
Step 6 - CAREFULLY Remove Hub Assembly
Careful not to stress the brake line, pull caliper back and remove the hub assembly from the strut.

Watch out for the outer bearing and the washer as they will fall out as you remove the hub assembly.
Pull Caliper Back
Hub Removed
Caliper Hanging
Step 7 - Remove Bearing Seal
Remove the bearing seal from the back of the hub.
Bearing Seal on Hub
Pry Seal from Hub
Bearing Seal Removed
Step 8 - Remove Old Bearing and Clean Hub
Remove the old bearing and clean all the old grease from the hub.
Remove Old Bearing
Clean Hub
Step 9 - Remove Bearing Race
Tap out the old bearing races with a hammer and a punch or drift.
Tap Out Races
Step 10 - Press in New Bearing Races
Press in the new bearing races. Be careful not to press against the hub lug nut studs. Use a block of hardwood or metal to press hub.
Block of Hardwood
Hub on Press
Step 11 - Grease New Bearings and Install
Pack the new bearings with grease and line the inside of the hub with grease. Be sure you've cleaned the hub thoroughly before you begin.
Clean & Pack Bearing
Step 12 - Install New Bearing Seal
With new bearing greased and installed, clean bearing seal seat and install new bearing seal using a hammer and block of wood.
New Seal Ready
Installed Seal
Step 13 - Install Hub on Strut Assembly
Careful not to stress brake line, install hub on the strut assembly.
Hub Ready to Install
Seat Hub on Strut
Step 14 - Install Outer Bearing, Washer & Hub Nut
Using a 6mm hex key, turn the hub nut until the washer can only be move by prying on it with a screwdriver.
Rotate with Key
Pry Washer Test
Torque to 11FtLbs
Step 15 - Install Caliper on Strut
Install caliper on strut and torque cap bolts to 51 FtLbs.
Torque Caliper
Cut Hanger Line
Step 16 - Install Dust Cap
Install bearing dust cap.
Install Dust Cap
Step 17 - Install Wheel
Install wheel on hub.
Wheel on Hub