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TorkSpec Tips

Avoid going Back

TorkSpec is more than just a website. It's really a 'web enabled application', a fancy name for software that runs on the Internet.

When you open your Garage (when you log in to the auto maintenance manager), it's best to avoid clicking the Back button on your browser to ensure that you see the most current information about your auto.

Try to use links or buttons on the TorkSpec screen to navigate around TorkSpec. Clicking Cancel (usually on the upper right of a screen) will take you back to the previous screen.

Every screen on TorkSpec displays fresh information. Clicking on the Back button will only show past information and may cause confusion.

Using Log Book, Scheduled Services, and Repair Log

The key to using TorkSpec to manage your auto is understanding how the Log Book, Scheduled Services, and the Repair Log buttons on the Ride Bar work together.

The Log Button opens the Log Book. Here you can put log entries for fuel, modifications (mods), general comments (maybe just to update your odometer), and repairs. TorkSpec looks at these Log Book entries to determine when a Scheduled Service is due.

Scheduled Services are services you define that are scheduled on a regular basis, or a reminder for a one time service job. You can add and edit Scheduled Services when you click the Schedule Button.

Using the Maintenance Schedule module on either your Garage home page or your Ride home page, TorkSpec can alert you when a Scheduled Service is due.

The Repair Log allows you to manage your repair log entries separate from your fuel, modification, and general log entries. This feature allows you to assign a Mechanic to your auto who can only access your repair records (hiding all your other log records).

When you edit a repair log, you can select services in the Ride's Scheduled Services that where performed as well as document any unscheduled services.

TorkSpec looks at the date and odometer entries on the repair logs to determine when a Scheduled Service is due.

Picture Formats

All pictures on TorkSpec are presented in a standard digital camera 4:3 aspect ratio. If you store a picture that uses a differnt aspect ratio, TorkSpec will adjust the picture to the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Most pictures will look good at 320x240, however the largest image size on TorkSpec (Slideshows) is 548x411.

The best image size for TorkSpec is 640x480.

Click on the Pictures

Most pictures on TorkSpec are links that 'drill down' to show more details. For instance, clicking on the COOL RIDES picture on the left will randomly show you the virtual auto show on TorkSpec.

Many of these Cool Rides will have photo galleries, projects or events that you can look at to see what others are doing to their autos.

When to use Events

Events are basically photo albums with a date and a note (comment). You would use an event to document a show or a driving event in which your Ride participated.

The photo albums in a vehicle's photo gallery are just collections of pictures with captions.

Showing off your Auto

When you check the Cool Ride box in your Ride Profile screen, you allow other to see the interesting things you are doing to your auto.

Visitors will see your vehicle's default photo and any information you entered into your Ride Profile screen. This is also the information displayed in the Profile module on your Ride home page.

Remember, you confidentail Ride information is never displayed to the public.

Visitors will also view any photo albums, projects and events that you make Public. You sent the availabilty in the repective Setup screens.

Managing multiple Autos

To quickly move from one auto to another, use the Switch Ride drop down list in your Garage Bar. This will immediately take you the home page of the selected vehicle.

Using the TorkSpec module library, you can customize your Garage home page to keep 'global' view of all your auto maintenace schedules.

By utilizing TorkSpec's Mechanic Garage feature, you can coordinate with your mechanic to manage a small business fleet.

Taking advantage of all these TorkSpec features, you will be able to manage your vehicles with ease, flexibility and mobility.

Getting Help

First try the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. If that doesn't help, then your next stop should be the Quick Guide. The the FAQ and Quick Guide links are located just under the DIRECTORY box on the side menu.

Or you could just ask a friend who also keeps their vehicles at TorkSpec. If you still can't figure it out, click on the 'Contact Us' link on the bottom of the side menu.