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Project Blazer Public
V8 S10 Blazer 4x4
  Chevrolet  Blazer
Tornado Air Turbine System Public
Installed a Tornado Air Turbine System on to "BURTHA" this morning after filling up with gas last night. We will see if it works and how much it will save me on gas
  Ford  E-Series Van
Mach 1 Public
I purchased a v6 Mustang with blown head gaskets.I'm re-doing the entire car.Converting to 351w power and a 5 speed trans.I will als be swapping out the Rear end for a much stronger 8.8 with 373 gears.Should be alot of fun when completed.Then the Body will have to be worked on and painted white just like the 04 Mach 1 Mustangs. Stripes and all...Stay tuned....
  Ford  Mustang
Part time 4wd conversion Public
Swap the gears in the tail shaft of the transfer case to allow part time operation. This should net me a few MPG.
  GMC  C/K Series
Add-a-Leafs Public
I wanted to lift my pickup but not much and I have a very limited budget.
  GMC  C/K Series
911 Engine Removal Public
Removed a 2.7L 911 engine from a 1977 Porsche 911s
  Porsche  911
Porsche 930 Exhaust Install Public
Installing a GHL Stainless Steel exhaust on a Porsche 911 Turbo (930)
  Porsche  930
Porsche Relay Hot Wire Fix Public
When I purchased the car, I found this wire set-up which I knew was not stock. Periodically the car would die and I would have to play with the relay to get it to fire up again.

I decided to solder the connection directly to the relay. Now the car runs a smooth as silk. The wire is simply the hot wire to energize the relay.
  Porsche  930
Porsche 930 Brake Pad Replacement Public
Brake pad replacement for a Porsche 930 (1978-1989 911 Turbo).
  Porsche  930
Porsche 911 Roll Cage Installation Public
Installation of a OG Racing Roll Cage in a Porsche 911.
  Porsche  930
Porsche 911 Thermostat Oil Line Replacement Public
I found a great article on on how to remove and replace the oil lines on the oil thermostat on a Porsche 911 (or 930). Many people have taken this perilous journey and have met great despair. It is very common to break the thermostat housing, bang up your fender wells, and break a few knuckles.

It is best to replace both oil lines at the same time, but not necessary. If you have to replace the rear line, you might as well sacrifice the front line.

The idea is to cut the oil line close to the thermostat and then grind a slot into the nut that connects the oil line to the thermostat. Be careful not to cut into the thermostat housing.
  Porsche  930
Porsche 911/930 Front Bearing Replacement Public
Front Bearing Replacement procedure for a 87 Porsche 930 (Porsche 911 Turbo).
  Porsche  930
SAS Public
Installed a solid axle
  Toyota  Hilux